Anya’s dog is the main game changer in Spy x Family Season 2 premiere

Spy x Family season 2 anime adaptation of the manga of the same name brought us Episode 13. Beginning by introducing the latest addition to the Forger family, Anya’s newest pet. The second season adapts one of the most fan-revered story arcs of the Manga which you should be able to guess by now. Yep, it’s named Doggie Crisis arc and will tell the story of our new friend – bond.

Spy x Family Season 1 was spectacular. It was so not only for the audience but also for Loid Forger, codenamed twilight who is notably WISE’s finest agent. After what seemed like introductory pacing in the first season with tons of focus going on Loid’s character, fans have awaited more quality screen time for Anya and Yor.

A Dog’s New Home in Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 13

Anya's new dog
Subject 8, Or Bond in the premiere of SpyxFamily season 2, courtesy of Animeiko youtube channel

Episode 13 kickstarted with the Forger family hitting the pet store for a new pet. Even before one is introduced to Bond Forger, also formerly known as Subject 8 (Stranger Things much?), we see glimpses of him in the opening. Dog stories are meant to be heartwarming. Whether it be A Dog’s Way of Home or 100 Dalmatians, the west knows better than to not believe in the sweetness the element of a pet adds to the story.

Spy x Family Season 2 set off with the story of a new friend, a furry one at that

Anya in Spy x Family
Anya is excited to adopt a new pet, courtesy of crunchyroll

When Episode 13 first began, Anya didn’t quite really like any pet in particular. Unfulfilled by the furry friends there, Anya curls into dismay. The clerk tells them that they could also visit a certain adoption shelter that is hosting an adoption event. Yet before they could finish, Loid is tasked with fending a terrorist attack against Westalis’ foreign minister. He makes excuses for an upset stomach and leaves Yor and Anya to head for the shelter.

Anya meets her to be pet dog

Spy x Family dog
Bond saves a boy, showcasing his abilities for clairvoyance, via crunchyroll

Anya is staggered when she sees visions of her own family when reading the minds of one dog that was passing by the adoption center. There – a giant white dog. Initially surprised by the dog’s ginormous size, Anya is even more taken aback when she sees an image of Loid in the dog’s mind. Given that Loid had just earlier left the family, it made little sense to our little Esper. Curious, Anya ends up following the dog.

Anya’s dog is the ploy of the isolationist’s assassination plan

Spy x Family season 2 premiere shows bond the dog
The two dogs for the dog bomb plan

Bond‘s imminence shines when it is revealed that the terrorist siege that Loid had earlier left to stop, actually involves dogs in it. And Bond is one of the dogs planned for the assassination. The terrorists plan to assassinate minister Brantz. The plan involves strapping bombs on dogs, trained military ones, and letting them run after the minister. It is here that the entire point of pets is really drawn to importance. Loid mentions that one military-trained dog costs as much as about one god-darn missile.

The terrorist reveal the bomb dog plan, courtesy of

Meanwhile, having followed the white dog, Anya ends up in the crosshair of the isolationists’ assassination discussion. Led by Keith, who is all willing to cut our little esper into pieces with the knife in his hands once she is found out.

Anya’s dog is one with peculiar abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, future seeing?)

Bond in Spy x Family episode 13
Bond is afraid of the terrorist

Our white friend here takes the charge, biting his own leash off and jumping to save Anya. I couldn’t help but be flustered and absolutely drained by the absolute cuteness of the act. Yet when a terrorist takes a weapon in his arms, our furry friend seems to be just as timid as Anya. Hiding behind her, he lets her know that he can see the future. As Anya gazes into his mind, she sees visions of a few seconds into the future.

Project apple in spy x family
Project apple, Ostanian government’s finest program for building high IQ pets for missions, snapped via crunchyroll

On the other hand, Loid talks to his superior who tells him of Projectoh Appoloh! (pardon my Japanese pronunciation). The project was an attempt by the previous government of Ostania to create highly intelligent pets. While the project was halted midway through the government falling apart, the pets were sold into the black market. It is likely that the terrorist got a few such dogs (referring to, ahem, subject 8).


The focal attraction of the premiere still remains the persona of our furry white doggie. Now for all the escapades that to be named Bond performs to save Anya, you’d think he’s the most capable of all trained pets. Yet when Bond unsuccessfully runs in a circle, ending right at the lapse of the terrorist once again, you realize just how fragile and (KAWAI) he is. Of course, the main players of the story in terms of action-bazooka is still Loid and Yor. As such when Yor appears to save the day, with a kick that sends one terrorist flying – you couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

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