Is Jojo Siwa really pregnant?
Is Jojo Siwa really pregnant? (Image courtesy-

Social media is buzzing about JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy tease after she hinted at it to her followers. After a post a few days ago, she recently uploaded pictures to Snapchat once again from the baby aisle at Target and used captions to tease about being pregnant.
While some internet users are criticizing her for using clickbait to attract her fans, others are unsure whether or not she is with child.

The YouTuber is not, however, actually expecting a child. Several online users confirmed that JoJo Siwa was gathering baby necessities to give to mothers who are in need of them. Hence this post has gathered a lot of criticism.

Even though Jojo Siwa’s pregnancy news has resurfaced, she is not really pregnant

No, Jojo Siwa is not actually pregnant
No, Jojo Siwa is not actually pregnant (Image courtesy-

In the viral post, she can be seen posing for the camera in front of the nappy aisle in Target. While giving her fans a look of her bloated belly, she also captioned the photo with, “Can’t wait.”

In addition to this, she also shared a photo of herself next to a pile of baby clothes, once more looking down at her stomach. The influencer even penned a caption that said, “BABY CLOTHES HAUL!!!.” Both the pictures attracted a lot of attention not only due to the captions, but also the emojis that she used – emotional eyes, blue heart, and a baby.

Whether the Dancing Moms star is genuinely pregnant has confused internet users.

However, a number of Twitter users discovered that Siwa was purchasing infant clothing to give away. @xoxoxomoe, a Twitter user, disclosed said, “Say what you want about JoJo Siwa but her buying brand new baby clothes to send to expecting mothers and newborn babies families is so pure.”

A Twitter user disclosed the actual news
A Twitter user disclosed the actual news (Image courtesy- Twitter)

Despite Jojo Siwa’s best efforts to collect new baby clothing, her clickbait posts on social media have infuriated users. Many people believe that these pictures are offensive and insensitive because she is making fun of the pregnant woman in them.

Netizens are furious with Jojo Siwa for click-baiting them 

Just a few days ago, the YouTuber deceived her audience into thinking that she was expecting a baby. The social media personality initiated a prank in which she pretended to be pregnant and shared posts pertaining to infants.

The YouTuber shared a collage of her bare stomach on Instagram last week. The photograph was captioned, “Team boy or Team female,” and showed her lying on her back with one hand put below her stomach.

After several bogus pregnancy rumors appeared on the internet, JoJo Siwa stated that she was not genuinely pregnant and that the posts were merely intended as a joke.

Although it seems she had excellent intentions to collect baby things, her clickbait posts infuriated internet users. Therefore, she is facing a lot of criticism from the netizens due to this.

Jojo Siwa’s act of making light about being pregnant was criticized by several online users as being insensitive. Others were merely annoyed by the internet celebrity click-baiting her fans.

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