Apex Legends 16 July Update Resolves Numerous Bugs

It would seem that Season 2 of Apex Legends is really enjoying the community. For this reason, Respawn Entertainment is not stopping for a second. They are always trying to correct errors and bugs that plague the game. An update was published with the aim of fixing some of the problems that affect the battle royale.

Here are all the details of the Apex Legends update:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented from correctly viewing the final Lifeline move titled DOC’s Shock Finisher in the menu
  • An issue related to text placement on the statistics screen was fixed.
  • Fixed some crash problems related to the client and to script errors.
  • Players should now be associated with the most appropriate data center for their location.
  • Players can no longer unlock Octane’s Level 94 loading screen for the Season Pass without having successfully achieved it.
  • The Havoc can no longer fire before the charging period thanks to an exploit.
  • Supply capsules should no longer get stuck in the map.

In addition to this, the developers have temporarily disabled all the statistics of Season 1, to allow the team to take care of a problem and solve it in complete tranquility.

Remember that at the moment it is still possible to redeem the new Bangalore skin as a gift for Twitch Prime subscribers.

The skin in question takes the name of Dino Dynamo. To redeem it, you need to have an active subscription to Twitch Prime (or Amazon Prime) and connect your EA Origin account. The contents of Apex Legends will be automatically unlocked on the first platform associated with the EA account on which the game is launched.

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