Apex Legend’s Season 11 looks to be quite underway and with that many players have been working hard and hustling Ranked. While the game has unranked trios and duos, many gamers do enjoy the challenge of trying to reach and get up to the Apex Predator. This is the highest of all achievable rank in the Battle Royale.

But leveling and ranking up can prove to be a tedious process. This many players can attest to. It seems that some players have found out a rather questionable way of simplifying this grind altogether.


  • Quite recently an exploit that involves Respawn Beacons surfaced in Apex Legends. This exploit provided players with an easy way to obtain Ranked Points (RP). To exploit this flaw, rival squads have begun partnering up in Ranked battles and employing Replicators to manufacture Respawn Beacons.
  • These players then murder each other and resurrect several times in order to win a huge sum of RP in a short period of time. Unsurprisingly, many Apex Legends players have taken note of this unfair behavior and have called on the creators to take action against individuals who are abusing the system.

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment then revealed the action and Hideouts. They also provided a detailed breakdown of the bans imposed on each platform. Hideouts offered a breakdown of the number of platform bans. These restrictions included 607 on PC, 859 on PS4, and 562 on Xbox One, according to the developer.

On the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends, around 22 people were discovered abusing the exploit. The developer also noted that the period of these bans ranged from 7 to 60 days, depending on how frequently they exploited the hack.

While none of these accounts were permanently suspended, Hideouts issued a warning to anyone who might contemplate using the technique in the future. “If they do it again, they will be perma banned,” he said.


It was extremely prompted action taken by Respawn Entertainment. They also listened to the cries of frustration of the majority of the players. Apex Legends creator Conor “Hideouts” Ford disclosed in a recent tweet that 2,051 players have been banned. Hideouts claimed that these individuals had been punished for collaborating in Ranked to farm RP off of one another. He acknowledged that some people were able to reach Predator rank via this hack.

Ford also stated that these cheats will be removed from ranking leader-boards. He closed the statement by addressing individuals who had abused the system, saying, “GGs, play the game with some honesty next time.”

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