Since the start of the new Season 10 on Apex Legends, players have been exposed to plenty of new content. Now, there is some exciting news for fans of Mirage!

Mirage has been a popular character in Apex Legends with his own style, known to be the resident “Holographic Trickster”. Data miner GarretLeaks has recently discovered that Mirage is getting a new addition to his wardrobe of styles.

  • The new Mirage skin is about to be adorned with what seems to be inspired by fashion brands Louis Vuitton and Supreme; and has been called the “Brand Ambassador.”
  • Though there has been no official release date, it is anticipated that Mirage might be next in receiving a Twitch Prime Gaming skin after Seer. Seer currently has the Prime skin all through August.

Mirage Skin

  • The skin is clearly designed after the Supreme brand. The word “Bamboozled”, his tactical ability, plastered over his outfit in the font and style of Supreme.
  • The discs on Mirage’s holo-suit have been changed to red and white in place of their usual lights and color. There have also been changes to Mirage’s face; three tattoos on the right side of his face, a spade, a checkered racing flag, and an “X”.
  • It has been said that though these tattoos don’t specifically reference any lore related to Mirage, there is speculation that there might be more Apex lore coming out soon in animations, comic books, or in-game events, and that there might be something that would lead to Mirage receiving these tattoos.

Players with a Twitch Prime subscription will receive the skin for free according to the leak by GarretLeaks. Since Mirage has not received an exclusive skin for a long time, it is anticipated that he will be among the Legends to receive the next one. Since season 10 has only recently begun, Mirage-mains already have plenty of new content to explore before the skin also arrives.

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