Apex Legends

The popular battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment and EA has had its share of popularity in recent years. Back in October 2019, the company reported that the game has had over 70 million players. However, the game still hasn’t released on Nintendo’s platform as of this writing but we may have some good news for you.

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Apex Legends Coming To Nintendo Switch? What’s the Release Date?

A recent listing of the game for Nintendo Switch was spotted by the resetera user HeroofLegend. According to the official ESRB website, Apex Legends has been rated T. This usually means that the game is nearing its release. We have seen it happen with many games in the past such as this year’s Demon Soul’s that was also recently rated, and was later confirmed to be a holiday 2020 title.

While EA  hasn’t confirmed anything, they did say that they will have news about the Nintendo Switch version in the future. A Nintendo Direct Mini for October hasn’t been announced but a reveal here seems plausible.

While the latest update for the game adds crossplay support and a new Aftermarket event also on the horizon, a Switch version launching this holiday season won’t be surprising.






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