Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The information revealed by data miners continues to surface. The exploration game files hidden beneath the surface after the launch of the latest season tend to yield much information. One of the noticeable sets of files references what looks to be an Apex Legends free-for-all mode. Respawn Entertainment may add it as a limited-time mode for a future season.

What It Means

Respawn has not been shy in adding limited-time events and gameplay modes as a part of its regular updates. The recent 9v9 Control mode was a hit among players. It featured multiplayer elements that resembled the Titanfall II multiplayer experience. Based on information gathered by Kralrindo, the files are under the name “FreeDM” or Free Deathmatch. There are also references to the following:

  • Point value
  • Score event
  • Killing spree
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

That could indicate a free-for-all deathmatch mode where players duke it out for the highest kills. It could be a timed event or a race to points. FFA deathmatches tend to be fun and are reminiscent of older shooters like the Quake series.

An alternative would be a solo battle royale mode.

While Apex Legends has always been a team game, a solo mode has always been in demand. These modes have been appealing to similar games in the past, such as PUBG.

However, Respawn stated they aren’t keen on launching a solo mode for Apex. Even as a limited-time event, it doesn’t seem likely that FreeDM is referring to that. They can always change their mind. Time will tell what this new game mode will entail as development continues.

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