Apex Legends: Massive Leak Reveals New Legends, Maps, and More

Apex Legends - Combat (EA)

An anonymous Reddit user leaked nearly two years’ worth of Apex Legends content. The leaked content included gameplay displaying maps, guns, and nine new legends.

The leak featured nine new characters coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends - New Legends
Image Courtesy of u/5849373-Throwaway

According to the anonymous user, nine legends are being added to the game’s official roster. The leaks are so detailed that the new characters already have names and respective abilities. These new legends are namely Caliber, Catalyst, Conduit, Jester, Newcastle, Phantom, Scryer, Uplink, and Vantage.

Furthermore, a video showcasing Newcastle’s abilities also came out with the leaks. See for yourself what this legend has in store for players if ever the leaks are true.

Newcastle’s description indicates that he is a mobile defender character, which might mean that he’s an upgraded version of Gibraltar. Below are his abilities and their descriptions.

  • Passive Ability: Retrieve the Wounded – Newcastle drags downed allies while reviving them. Additionally, Newcastle deploys a shield to protect them while reviving
  • Tactical Ability: Mobile Shield – this ability lets Newcastle deploy a moving energy shield
  • Ultimate Ability: Castle Wall – Newcastle’s ult lets him leap in the air and initiate a plunge attack. Once he is on the ground, Newcastle creates a makeshift fort to protect him and his allies

Other rumored and their abilities can be viewed here or on the subreddit for Apex Legends leaks.

A few new maps are allegedly coming to the game

Further into the leaks, there are new maps coming to Apex Legends. One of them is called “Divided Moon” and it looks like a fusion of some of the classic Apex maps we’ve been using the past few years.

New map: “Divided Moon”
byu/I_Shall_Be_Known inApexUncovered

But as of now, EA nor Respawn have given statements on the huge leak that occurred a few days ago. So with that being said, it’s important that we take all of these with a grain of salt.

Aside from the fact that there is no confirmation yet from the devs, these leaks are nearly two and a half years’ worth of Apex Legends content. So it’s possible that all this information can change in the coming days. Especially now that some people have leaked them.

What do you think about the new content possibly coming in Apex Legends? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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