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Apex Legends Mobile introduced a new legend to the mix called Fade. But in a new event, it seems they’re hinting at an upcoming legend who is already part of the main game. Read on to learn more about this upcoming legend in Apex Legends Mobile.

A new event called ‘Diamonds in the Snow’ is now available on Apex Legends Mobile

If you logged onto Apex Legends Mobile sometime this week, then chances are you’ve seen the newest event announcement. In the Diamonds in Snow event, it looks like hints for Loba’s arrival to the latest battle royale for mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile - Diamonds in the Snow Event

Moreover, Loba has long been teased to arrive in Apex Legends Mobile after some fans noticed something in the launch trailer. If you’re one of them, you already recognized Loba from her short screen time in the trailer. However, the Translocating Thief was nowhere to be seen when the legend roster was released.

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How to complete ‘Diamonds in the Snow’

To participate in this event, players need to collect diamond pieces found only in Vaults. Moreover, these vaults are in World’s Edge, so all you have to do is find a Vault Key. Once you have a Vault Key, it automatically shows you the locations of unlockable Vaults in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile - Diamonds in the Snow Event 1

But the tricky part here is getting Vault Keys since they rarely spawn from looting all over the map. The easiest way to get a Vault Key is by shooting down Cargo Bots found flying overhead in battle royale matches. But again, not all Cargo Bots have Vault Keys in them. To be sure that the Cargo Bot you’re shooting down has a Vault Key, make sure it flashes a red color. If a Cargo Bot flashes red lights, then it means you can loot a Vault Key from it.

Apex Legends Mobile - Diamonds in the Snow Event 2

After getting your Vault Key, head to the nearest Vault and unlock it. Then, you can collect the diamond fragment there. However, players are limited to collecting only one diamond fragment each day. After gathering at least three diamond fragments, you can claim the rewards from the event page.

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Who is Loba in Apex Legends Mobile?

Loba is the second Support Legend since Lifeline. Her abilities let her find high-quality loot by detecting them through walls or in loot boxes. Moreover, this legend’s Ultimate lets her call in a mobile Black Market to provide high-tier loot for herself and her teammates.

This skill is similar to Lifeline’s Care Package. However, Loba’s ultimate allows players to choose the type of loot they want to get. There is no release date yet for Loba, but this event indeed hints at her arrival to the mobile version of Apex Legends soon.

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How excited are you for Loba coming to Apex Legends Mobile? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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