Apex Legends Mobile: Rhapsody

A new legend is coming to town. Apex Legends Mobile has added a new character in the upcoming season 2 update tomorrow, July 12. Fans are already stoked to finally meet, Rhapsody.

Rhapsody was first introduced on July 7 by Apex Legends Mobile with its cool and futuristic launch trailer. She is set to bring on the music, fun, and action in their world of battle royale.

You can watch the trailer below.


Introducing Rhapsody in the game
Screengrab Courtesy of Apex Legends Mobile via Youtube

Let’s get to know now about Rhapsody first. Rhapsody is known to be a DJ and is accompanied by her robotic dog named Rowdy. She is expected to bring on the noise against her enemies.

As her outfit gears have speakers strapped to her biceps and her back. Music is certainly going to play a big role in Rhapsody’s character and her journey. As she lands tomorrow in the game, we are going to unlock more about her story.

What are Rhapsody’s abilities?

There are not many abilities of her shown in the official trailer. However, leaks are revealing some of her possible abilities according to Leakers On Duty APEXM on Twitter.

  • Ultimate Ability

In this ability, Rhapsody’s companion Rowdy could make a barrier against their enemies. The barrier tends to block the visions making them see only the mirror-like dimension.

  • Tactical Ability

Rhapsody’s tactical ability gives a speed boost to her allies against enemies in a short period of time. This speed boost looks like it’s through her music playing.

  • Killing Ability

One of Rhapsody’s ways of finally ending the life of an enemy is through Rowdy. Rowdy kills an enemy by putting up a loud sound to a maximum intent.

All of these are solely based on leaks and speculations. However, some of it could be true once we see Rhapsody’s abilities live in action. Let’s see after the upcoming Season 2 update of Apex Legends Mobile.

More leaks about Rhapsody

Rhapsody’s skins have also been leaked by Leakers On Duty APEXM on Twitter. So take a look at this quick preview of her cool skins.

Where is Apex Legends Mobile available to play?

Apex Legends Mobile is available for both iOS and Android users. You can download the game for free.

While waiting for the upcoming update, make sure to look at Apex Legends Mobile’s official social media accounts for further information. Have fun playing!

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