Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, Distortion – What We Know So Far

A new season has begun in the world of Apex Legends Mobile today. Fans must be wondering what things are included in this season 2 update called Distortion. So this is your one-stop look at what we know so far about this update.

We are going to take a look at its new legend, game modes, map, events, and more.

Meet the new legend, Rhapsody
apex legends mobile season 2
Screengrab Courtesy of Apex Legends Mobile via YouTube

Rhapsody is a musically inclined type of legend and tends to be a Disc Jockey (DJ). She has a robotic dog as her companion named Rowdy. In addition, most of her abilities against the enemies are expected to be helped by music or loud sounds.

As seen in Rhapsody’s official trailer, speculations are saying that she uses Rowdy in killing their enemies. Rowdy steps forward and releases a sound to the maximum intent. Rowdy can also make up a mirror-like barrier against their enemies.

We are yet to unfold more about Rhapsody, her abilities, and her skins in this latest update. For now, you can read Apex Legends Mobile: Rhapsody to have more background about her.

Two New Game Modes
  • Gun Game

You are needed to have a lot of kills using guns in the Apex Games for this game mode. Moreover, having the highest points with many kills would make you the winner.

  • Hack

Meanwhile, for this game mode, two teams are going on a face-off Hackers vs. Defenders. Team Hackers need to hack two sites successfully and the Team Defenders need to stop them from hacking the sites. The team who finished first after four rounds is the winner.

New Maps

There are two new maps introduced for this update.

  • King’s Canyon

This map is said to be the one that started it all and now, it finally arrived here in the Apex Legends Mobile.

Image Courtesy of EA
  • Pythas Block 0

In this futuristic-like map, it’s said to be a corporate campus owned by Phythas Inc.

Image Courtesy of EA
New Events
  • Town Takeover: Encore Galore!

Seize the chance to get awesome loot and even a VIP Pass in this event.

  • Rhapsody LIVE:

All you have to do in this event is successfully finish the challenges to win exclusive Rhapsody posters.

New Shop Items

There are a lot of items to get from the update. You may get the new Legendary tier skins: Mecha Strike Go! and Distortion Battle Pass.

Image courtesy of EA
Image courtesy of EA

But also in commemoration of the new legend Rhapsody, the shop is themed about her and has new cosmetics.

Image Courtesy of EA

To know more about adjustments and improvements from this update, you may read here.

Make sure to look at their official social media accounts for further posts and announcements. Lastly, enjoy playing Season 2 Distortion!

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