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As soon as it was announced, Apex Legends Mobile has been a mostly forgotten existence. Electronic Arts’ shadowing is most likely the result of unsuccessful beta tests or the current state of the company’s performance. But today, finally, we have something fresh to report!

Soft Launch

In India and the Philippines, Apex’s mobile version was put through its tests after its Switch counterpart was released in April. Additionally, Respawn had previously proposed testing the game in different parts of the world.

In light of the fact that the studio is going to ramp things up for the battle royale, it’s safe to assume that the results are definitive. Apex for Android will soon be available to gamers in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Apex Legends Mobile on iOS Devices

And while that’s well and dandy, what about gamers using an iOS device? Well, this step is to reassure players that there will be fresh content at this level shortly. Furthermore, it is important to note that the countries above benefit from this procedure because Electronic Arts opted to release the game in soft launch mode.

In order to test its servers and make modifications to the software, developers usually make their game available to a limited audience. For the most part, a soft launch version is a prelude to a full release elsewhere in the world. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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