Apex Legends’ Ping System Was Tested With Fake Names And Voice Comms Off

Apex Legends

Apex Legends features a well-crafted and cleverly executed “ping system” that helps you navigate through the world of the fresh Battle Royale game. Be it the weapons, supplies, a position to march forward or an enemy’s location, Apex Legends’ ping system has got you all covered. This fairly reduces the work of the most commonly implemented voice and text chats, while also providing a better way of communication for gamers with disabilities.

“Fun fact: We playtested for a month with voice comms off and fake names to simulate playing with random people, and that allowed us to feel things out in an authentic way”, Apex Legends tweeted earlier today. “Awesome to see folks using and enjoying Smart Comms!”

Apex’s smart mechanism also comes in handy when you’re playing with your friends, while still on voice chat over Discord. The “Smart Comms” ping system allows you to control the environment near you and make smart decisions with the team accordingly.

The game will explain the system, how to use it and when to use it during the initial tutorial and with a few matches in the bag, you’ll get used to it. On the PS4, it’s R1, allowing you to mark more precisely with L2(hold)+R1.

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