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Another season means a new battle pass. The Season 12 Defiance pass for Apex Legends features another set of exclusive cosmetics for players to enjoy. There are some free rewards for those that don’t buy the battle pass. However, all the legendary and epic gear is only available for those purchasing. The regular battle pass costs $10, while the bundle costs $30 for a 25-level head start.


There are four legendary rewards available in the battle pass (apart from the legendary packs). They are:

  • Seer Aces High Outfit
  • Loba Breaking the Law Outfit
  • Gentleman Brawler Hemlok skin
  • Scream Machine Hemlok skin
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
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Both Seer and Loba will have banners and other items to match their legendary skin. You’ll get each of them as you level up the pass. Additionally, there are also three epic set outfits and matching items for you to acquire for the following characters:

  • Ash
  • Crypto
  • Lifeline

Buying the battle pass is one of the best ways to acquire new cosmetics for the game without spending too much. You’ll have 100 tiers of rewards to get as you level it up while playing the game. Like before, there will be daily and event quests for you to complete to boost your progression.

Other items you can get in the battle pass include:

  • Apex packs
  • Win trackers
  • A music pack
  • Apex coins
  • Season badges
  • New artwork loading screens

Apex Season 12 will feature the new Legend Mad Maggie, who first appeared in the game back in Season 8. It also features a return to a changed Olympus, as is the trend when the game returns to one of its older maps.

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