Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

While many players are still enjoying Season 12, it seems that Season 13 is already deep in development. Respawn Entertainment is hard at work to make sure the next season continues to deliver. Apex Legends typically has three-month seasons. We may see teasers for season 13 as early as April. A new season often comes with a map (or map update), new weapons, and a new legend.

With the latest leak from data miners, we may know who the upcoming legend is

Meet Blisk

Most of the characters introduced in Apex Legends’ cinematics and lore tend to become playable. The most recent example of this is the addition of Mad Maggie from Fuse’s cinematics. One more legend that has yet to appear is Blisk, who’s been on the radar of fans since his 2021 cinematic.

Dataminers have found more information added about him in the game files. That means there is a high probability that he will be the legend of Season 13. However, Respawn can change its mind as it’s done so in the past. We may see files there that they’ll use later down the line or won’t use at all.

Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Data from Blisk in 2021 revealed that Blisk’s wall runs through his passive. His tactical creates a damage zone akin to the shrinking ring player’s encounter each match. There have been two ultimates listed under his name. He may summon a titan or equip a new weapon based on game files.

A Good Chance for His Release

The Apex Legends Mobile trailer showcased Blisk wearing a jump kit, often worn by other legends already in the Apex Games. It makes sense that they’re preparing him for the next season, given how many in-game assets he already has. Time will tell, and we’ll keep you posted on any changes.

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