What is Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration? “Two Weeks of Beautiful Mayhem” Explained

Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Explained - Featured

Musicians collaborating with video games isn’t something new, but the recent announcement about an Apex Legends x Post Malone collaboration has interested us. Post Malone made the announcement on his Twitter/X account, leaving fans wondering what this might mean for the future of Respawn’s Apex Legends.

What is the Apex Legends x Post Malone collaboration about?

Out of the blue, award-winning singer and songwriter Post Malone shared a 15-second clip of him lying on the floor. His pose resembles that of a fallen or eliminated character in a video game, and throughout the rest of the clip, Post is calling out for anyone who can “res” or resurrect him.

Then, the Apex Legends title flashes on the screen while the camera zooms out. The end of the clip reveals a promotional poster for an Apex Legends x Post Malone event that will come out on November 7, 2023.

  • The poster shows Post Malone with an Apex Legends character beside him.
  • Most people would think that Respawn is releasing a new character based on Post’s likeness.

  • However, it’s highly possible that the character is an exclusive outfit for one of the Legends.
  • Our best bet would be Octane based on the mechanical legs of the Legend in the poster.

Will there be an in-game concert?

Following the announcement, many players speculate that Respawn could pull off something similar to the in-game concerts hosted by Fortnite in the past. If this speculation turns out to be true, there are a couple of locations in mind where the Apex Legends x Post Malone concert can take place. Let’s just hope Mirage will let us borrow his party ship for this legendary collab.

On the other hand, the collaboration can focus more on giving out exclusive cosmetics like Heirlooms, Legend Skins, and Weapon Skins.

“Beautiful Mayhem” explained

Post mentioned something about preparing for two weeks of beautiful mayhem in Apex Legends. We’re unsure if this means he may be releasing an exclusive single inspired by the game or if he is hinting at what we can expect in the collaboration.

It can also be connected to Octane’s character. Anyone who’s played as or with Octane in their team knows full well that this Legend is as chaotic as can be. Could new mechanics or map changes be introduced in Apex Legends for the two weeks that the Post Malone event is live?

Why is there an Apex Legends x Post Malone collab?

When he’s not working on musical projects or hosting sold-out concerts, Post Malone gets in touch with his geeky side by playing games like Apex Legends.

It would only make sense that Respawn chose to team up with him, given his contributions on behalf of the Apex Legends community.

Are you ready for two weeks of beautiful mayhem? Make sure you tune in on November 7, 2023, to see how Post is leaving his mark in the virtual world of Apex Legends.

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