Apparently the One Piece Manga Ending Leak was only a speculation: Full Story

The recent surge of Anime fandom has seen the rise of restless turmoils and recession back into darkness. The reason why I exaggerate is to pinpoint the nature of this reveal. Yes, A One Piece Manga Leak on Reddit by a user named gohdroger took the entire One Piece fanbase by storm. Is the One Piece manga ending leak real?

How the people reacted to the One Piece Manga Ending Leaks being real (or not!)

one piece ending leak
Image Courtesy of One Piece Official Fandom Page

Now the vibe surrounding this leak has been quite troublesome. Firstly, the leak shot quickly to Twitter. Many people got ravaged by this revelation while others joyed victories for finally getting to know the ending.

A comparison with Luffy’s dismissal to know about the true One Piece

The ones ravaged by this felt the need to see One Piece ending by themselves. In some sense, this sense of faith in the One Piece Ending is similar to how Luffy did not want to hear where One Piece is or whether it’s real.

This happened back when Usopp asked Gold D. Roger’s right hand, Silvers Rayleigh if One Piece is real. Which Luffy immediately retaliated, saying that isn’t the right question to ask.

Similarly, the fans who were upled to believe that this supposed One Piece Ending Leak is any right felt betrayed. But they still held on to the hope that this was all false – a floating rumor on the internet. One that exists solely for the fulfillment of the spoiling party’s utmost spoiling fantasy.

Why did people assume that the Reddit-leaked One Piece Manga ending was true?

But before we even get there, why did the people assume that the One Piece Manga Ending leak is any true? Why would you even assume that?

Well, there are a few reasons.

  • Firstly the ending that redditor Godhroger explained was intricately elaborative. The user explained an ending where Luffy goes back in time and joins hands with a Crown Prince and Joyboy.
    1. The user also mentions certain key elements on how such a time travel is made possible – with the help of Luffy’s, Kuma’s, and Bonney’s devil fruit powers.
    2. Apparently, Kuma’s devil fruit is obtained by Franky and Kuma is said to have died protecting Bonney.
    3. All these are added with the fact that the user explains why Blackbeard or Marshall D. Teach can wield multiple devil fruit powers. Simply because he is capable of having multiple hearts, hence why.

All of this felt way too intricate, well thought out, and properly formed. Almost to the level of the genius of Oda.

Redditor got banned for these speculations

One Piece Manga Leak Top 7 one piece villains backstory
Kuma against Usopp, image via TOEI Animation
  • Secondly immediately after he revealed these, the Redditor was banned from the one-piece subreddit where he posted. The ban immediately took the internet, becoming an upright urban legend.
  • Thirdly, Gohdroger had previously made predictions in the past which came out to be true.

The leak was only a headcanon speculation for how the series may end

Art by Reddit user one piece chapter 1060
Art by Shiredora7216 in reddit

Now, here’s the thing. Gohdroger found himself in a predicament upon his ban. His justification was something along the lines of this – but what I said was spewed from my head.

Yes, it turns out gohdroger’s story was his own headcanon for what can occur at the end of One Piece. And the fabrication that this is the real One Piece Manga ending was done when the news was passed onto the internet. We had previously seen such fabrications for speculations on the Attack on Titan end. (On that topic, we found a very likable article on the significance of the sea in Aot, you may check it out here.)

Concluding how the entire thing played out

The thing with how this entire leak proceeded in simply is this – gohdroger put out how the series will end – people took it to the internet – word spread from one to another – rumor began to spread that a Shueisha employee who was close to Oda revealed the ending – boom!

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