One of the most controversial aspects of the iPhone is its charging dock. It has always been different, but the expectation was for it to move to USB-C, as most gadgets have. Other phones use them as ports because they are versatile, and you can have a single charger work on all. Interestingly, current Apple iPads and Macbooks use USB-C as their charging port.

However, Apple has never changed the charging port for the iPhone. It has led people to point out that the difference helps them profit more through charger sales. While Apple has not responded to these allegations, a change may be inevitable for the iPhone because of recent events.

The EU Vote

Early in October, the EU passed a law requiring all tablets, mobile phones, and cameras sold in the union have a USB Type-C port. The goal is to standardize it, which minimizes the number of chargers, thereby reducing waste. There is still an approval process that the law will undergo, but many see it as a formality, seeing that the vote was in favor of the implementation: 602-13.

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With the law implemented, older iPhone models will retain their current designs. However, anything sold by the end of 2024 and beyond must have a USB Type-C. That means Apple is now working on changes to accommodate this law. It will not only extend to mobile phones, as the law will also implement the change to laptops beginning in Spring 2026.

Other Standardization

The law also has the desire to standardize fast charging though the direction for it is yet unclear. It is because there are several proprietary methods currently available in the market. Xiaomi’s standards are vastly different from the implementation of Qualcomm. The most likely candidate to get standardization is USB-PD. It is already a method implemented by giants like Google and Samsung.

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The EU is also mulling the idea of wireless charging, given that it’s become more accessible. Apple has intended to remove charging docks from their phones and introduce wireless charging methods. When this happens, they must verify with the EU first before implementation.

While Apple will likely follow this change, they have been vocal about their stance against this standardization. They’ve called it strict regulation that will hamper the capability of companies to innovate moving forward. Critics pointed out that Apple is speaking out of turn, given that most of their devices already use USB-C.

An Environmental Concern

The biggest positive of this change is the reduction of e-waste caused by multiple charger types. According to data, around 11,000 tons of this waste comes from unused or discarded chargers in the EU. That is a lot of pollution that standardization can prevent. Environmentalists approve of this change. Many also hope that this change will begin affecting Apple’s development in other countries.

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