Are Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla Secretly Seeing Each Other? | Fans React

Are Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla Secretly Seeing Each Other? | Fans React

Andrea Brillantes is once again the talk of the town. This time, she’s being linked to a fellow ABS-CBN, a local network in the Philippines, actor Daniel Padilla. The rumors about the two began when Ogie Diaz, a known entertainment reporter, revealed that his source told him that Andrea and Daniel were secretly seeing each other. Though the talent manager stressed that the claim wasn’t confirmed, the news quickly gained traction and made it into the headlines.

Ogie Diaz Made Claims about Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla

In the latest episode of Ogie Diaz’s Showbiz Update vlog, he claimed that Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla were secretly seeing each other. The rumors came amid the renewed news that the actor and his girlfriend of over a decade, Kathryn Bernardo, had allegedly called it quits.

Talks about Daniel and Kathryn’s alleged split have been rampant online. Some netizens seem to believe the claims as neither is posting photos together on their social media pages.

“Talagang pinag-uusapan sa social media ‘yun ngang diumano ay hiwalayan ni Kathryn at ni Daniel na ang dahilan daw ay si…” Ogie said, intentionally not ending his phrase.

(Kathryn and Daniel’s alleged split is being talked about on social media, and the reason is…)

“Sino (who)?” Mama Loi, Ogie’s co-host, asked.

“Eh siyempre hindi naman to confirmed. Kaya dapat marinig din natin ang panig nila. Kasi nili-link si Daniel kay Andrea Brillantes. Hindi ba nakakaloka,” Ogie continued.

(Well, of course, it’s not confirmed. So, we should also hear their sides because Daniel is being linked to Andrea Brillantes. Isn’t it shocking?)

The comedian added that Kathryn was even jealous of Andrea. And from there, he made the big reveal.

“May nagtsika pa sa akin na nagkikita nang lihim o pasikretong nagkikita si Daniel at si Andrea,” he exposed.

(Someone even told me that Daniel and Andrea are secretly meeting).

And just like others, this, too, surprised Ogie, knowing that Daniel is very much in love with Kathryn. His so-called insider also claimed that the issue between the longtime couple might have something to do with the actress’ sexy outfits as of late, considering her boyfriend is very conservative.

The tipster said if it’s true that they’re still in a relationship, they will wait for the two to post photos of them together online again.

Fans React to Ogie Diaz’s Claims about Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla

The respective fans of Andrea Brillantes, Daniel Padilla, and Kathryn Bernardo can’t help but react to Ogie Diaz’s latest claims about the three. Many even named him a “fake news peddler” for making such absurd rumors. They even used the hashtag #StarMagicPabaya for not reacting to the issue—Star Magic is ABS-CBN’s talent management, where the three are under.

X user @AsiasTweetybird claimed that the Daniel Padilla-Andrea Brillantes issue was made by a FranSeth, a combination of the love team Francine Diaz and Seth Fedeline’s names, fan and posted some Reddit and X posts to prove the claim.

Another claimed Daniel shouldn’t let fake news ruin the names and statures he and Kathryn have built together in the business over the years.

@nxyc also posted photos of Kathryn, Andrea, and Daniel together to prove they’re on good terms. One fan then said Ogie deserves to be canceled, as he’s also one of the reasons why Liza Soberano was bashed. The netizen was even surprised that many only believed now that he was a fake news peddler.


Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla Rumors – Opinion

This isn’t the first time that Andrea Brillantes and Daniel Padilla have been linked to each other. And since then, nothing has been proven true.

Sure, the young actress has been open that she has a crush on the 28-year-old star. However, what she may have for the actor is only an infatuation and nothing romantic. Who doesn’t have a crush on Daniel anyway?

So, the news about Andrea and Daniel is called “rumors” for some reason—it’s untrue until proven. Ogie Diaz himself said it “wasn’t confirmed.” So, KathNiel and Andrea’s fans should sit back and relax, especially if they’re confident that the claims aren’t true anyway.