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Chris Evans and Alba Baptista get married on Saturday in Boston

Oh, we could not believe it when we first saw it too! A romance that bloomed in privacy away from the public eyes is taking the next giant leap by tying the knot. Marvel star Chris Evans and his girlfriend and Warrior Nun lead star Alba Baptista got married over the weekend in an intimate wedding ceremony. Find out more about them below.

Chris Evans married Alba Baptista in an intimate home wedding

Captain America said ‘I do’ to his beau, Alba Baptista, in an intimate ceremony on Saturday, September 9, at their Boston-area home in Massachusetts. An insider shared details about the private ceremony to the media agency Page Six, which required the guests to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Their phones and cameras were confiscated as well.

  • Despite the tight-lip ceremony, the fans noticed some of Chris Evans Marvel co-stars in Boston, and their images have surfaced online. These pictures hint that Evans also invited Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and their wives, as well as Jeremy Renner, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt, to his wedding.

The images of Hemsworth, Downey, their wives, and Renner are from the Contessa restaurant in the five-star Newbury Boston hotel. Some of the paparazzi also witnessed Krasinski and Blunt returning from the ceremony after midnight on Saturday. One of the People‘s sources states that everyone looked happy as they joked and smiled.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista dated for a couple of years

The Sexiest Man Alive (People’s Magazine 2022) hasn’t revealed much about his relationship with the Warrior Nun star Alba Baptista over the years. However, as the saying goes, ‘love is hard to hide,’ some updates of their romance have remained in the circles of media.

  • In November 2022, an insider shared that Chris Evans began dating the Portuguese actress in 2021. They further shared that the two are serious about their relationship. Soon after, another source disclosed that Chris is the happiest he has ever been. His family and friends all adore Alba as well.
  • The 42-year-old star also admitted to desiring to tie the knot someday, have kids, and build a family during an interview. He shared that whenever one reads about artists, whether actors, painters, or writers, they all are most proud of the relations they’ve made over their work. This includes families and love shared among them.
  • The actor also further shared that he likes the idea of tradition and ceremony. He has witnessed it in his life and wishes to create something similar in his life as well. After a year of the interview, the star has finally attained his dream by marrying 26-year-old Alba.

Fans react to the wedding

The fans of the Marvel star Chris Evans congratulated and shared their good wishes for his marital life on platform X. They also appreciated how Evans decided to keep his private life tucked away and cherish it with a private wedding. However, they also joked about being jealous and losing the attractive actor to marriage by sharing various memes. Read some of their funny and sweet reactions below.

Spiel Times shares their hearty congratulations to the new couple!

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