Are you a victim of Biographical Documentaries? Exploring why the Romantics joined the battle of claiming narrative.

The Romantics Biographical Documentaries film Claiming Narrative

Biographical Documentaries are on a rise in times of OTT and joining them is YRF’s The Romantics. These documentary Films are basically a battle of establishing the narrative.

You might be wondering what are Biographical documentaries. These are cinematic pieces that although directed in a documentary pattern are actually heavily biographical. They cover well-known past incidents or controversies and present them through crafted narratives.

In simpler terms, these pieces are specifically created to “tell your own story in your own words”. However, these innocent pieces are playing with public opinions and forming their own. This brings forth the question, are you as well a victim of biographical documentaries?

The Romantics

Yash Raj Films production’s The Romantics is a great example of the rising phenomena. This Netflix original falls under the criteria of a Documentary with its episode-wise division of interviews and reminiscing vibes. It promotes as a piece overlooking the journey of romantic movies in Hindi cinema while it is a thorough recalling of movies produced under the Yash Raj banner.

The interviewees, producers, and reviewers are none other than Yash Raj production’s family and friends telling their side of the story of the film industry. However, all of these are creatively hidden behind the curtain of the greater cinema and even some notable historical events such as Independence. This is not a valid characteristic of documentary films that try to bring forth the muffled voice of society.

Why is YRF crafting a narrative?

Yash Raj Films are the biggest and most well-known production house in the Indian film industry. They are not the underdogs whose story people are unaware of, then how come they are battling to claim the narrative?  It is a response to the recent criticism of nepotism.

The film fraternity does progress as a tight-knit clique with barely any room for new talents. This fact is formatting a negative opinion among the public towards star actors and directors who came into the industry due to their roots and received favorable chances while facing failures.

The Romantics is released as a documentary to share with people their side of struggles while mixing in the facts such as even the blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge features Uday Chopra and Karan Johar as assistant directors. Although neither of them had an interest or skills of securing that position.

Side effects of Biographical Documentaries

Cinematic biographies such as YRF’s The Romantics and Harry & Meghan have a strong impact on the formation of public opinion. It places the personal narrative of people into their hands and executes it as factual information. The rise of OTT platforms such as Netflix helps this cause by making it accessible across the world reaching people who might not be as familiar with the included parties.

As a result, favorable public opinion is created. However, this further erases the line between the two sides of the coin. It reclaims the upper hand and pushes under the underdogs’ opinions.

Such pieces would be more accurate if placed under auto-biographical content. Alas, that wouldn’t fare to the goal of holding the reigns of narrative while maintaining a humble public image.

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