Arena of Valor: Every Comic Book Fan’s Dreams Come True – The DC Comics Heroes

Arena of Valor - Superman

Arena of Valor’s ongoing deal with DC Comics has given the game some of its most iconic heroes.

In this article, we’re going to take a quick look at these heroes, and some of their signature abilities—the ones that capture the essence of the character, both in terms of flavour and in terms of game mechanics and roles.

Arena of Valor - Batman

Batman: The Dark Knight

Appropriately, The Dark Knight takes on the mantle of an assassin in Arena of Valor. His skills are geared towards taking down enemy heroes through a combination of movement and mobility buffs and a high damage output.

Batman’s passive, Caped Crusader increases his movement speed when he approaches an enemy hero.

Batarang, his second ability, works in an interesting manner. It allows him to control enemy heroes while also dealing damage. It deals damage twice, once on contact and once 3 seconds after the initial tick of damage. It also slows the affected hero and causes them to be stunned if attacked by Batman again.

Batman’s ultimate ability is called Dark Knight and allows him to become invisible for a short period of time, to sneak up on his targets, or to fly in a direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way.

Arena of Valor - Joker

The Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime

You can’t add Batman to a franchise without The Joker being around to keep him company. They are, after all, one of the most iconic duos in comic book history.

The Joker plays as a marksman in AoV, focused on dealing damage to enemies from a distance.

His passive, Punch Line, makes him perfect for the role, allowing him to deal extra damage and slow enemies with his first normal attack after being out of combat for a while.

His ultimate ability, called Canned Laughter, stuns a single enemy hero and deals a substantial amount of physical damage to them. It also slows them by a staggering 90% for a short period of time, which gives him plenty of time to pepper them with more damage from a distance.

Enabling him to stay in the fight and deal as much damage as possible, his second ability—Pick a Card, Any Card—makes The Joker immune to physical damage, removes any movement speed debuffs, and increases his movement speed for a short duration.

Arena of Valor - Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman: Amazon of Themyscira

Wonder Woman plays as a frontline warrior in AoV, dealing damage to enemies at close range while also mitigating the damage that she herself takes.

Her passive, Amazon Shield, deals damage to enemies and heals Wonder Woman every third normal attack. Healing is increased if this attack hits an enemy hero.

Her second ability, Lasso of Truth, allows this hero to control the battlefield by either pulling her to a targeted enemy hero (if their HP is greater than 50%) or by pulling the enemy hero towards her (if their HP is below 50%). This ability deals damage and has a reduced cooldown if it makes contact with an enemy hero.

Wonder Woman’s ultimate ability, Bracelets of Submission, has an initial charge-up time, during which any damage she takes is highly reduced. Once the charge-up is done, the hero stuns enemy heroes in front of her, while also giving allies behind her a damage-absorbing shield.

Arena of Valor - Superman

Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman is perhaps the most beloved figure from the DC Comics universe, and the care and attention lavished to bring him to life in Arena of Valor are very plainly apparent. Playing this hero in the game feels exactly like you’d expect it to feel, right down to the flying and shooting lasers from his eyes.

Superman’s passive is Flight. He periodically gains movement speed as he walks around the map. Once he accumulates enough charge on his way, he takes flight. This gives him increased mobility and also adds extra damage to his normal attacks. Superman exits flight mode when his movement speed is slowed below a certain threshold.

His first and second abilities do different things depending on whether he’s walking or flying. The first, Kryptonian Strength, slows enemies and deals damage to them using his ice breath if he’s walking. If he’s flying, on the other hand, he rams into enemies, dealing damage, and then dealing some more by firing his heat vision.

His ultimate ability, Speeding Bullet, increases the speed at which he charges up his flight mode, allowing him to get airborne faster. And when he’s already flying, it causes him to knock back and deal damage to enemy heroes that he comes into contact with.

It’s obvious even to a casual observer that DC Comics has worked closely with the developers of AoV to integrate these characters seamlessly into the game without compromising their lore or their signature flavours.

Wrapping It Up

We introduced four of the major heroes today and we’ll surely bring more content in the near future. Also, we’ll be pushing out more original AoV content in the coming months. So, stay tuned!

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