Arena of Valor Generated $185 Million In April 2018

With its growing popularity in countries like our own, Arena of Valor is hitting new records in terms of earnings.

The MOBA with Batman, Flash, Joker and many more dark personalities as a playable characters, Arena of Valor, has generated over $185 million in April.

According to SuperData, Arena of Valor stood as the highest grossing mobile game in the world last month. It is another game from China’s internet giant Tencent, that basically owns pieces of chunks of every popular game of today.

Arena of Valor earned over $171 million in March, another record for a mobile game. Although a free-to-install title, players really like to spend huge on in-game currencies, unlocking heroes and buying fascinating cosmetics.

Succeeding the top rankings list, another Tencent title, QQ Speed stood on the 2nd position. Here are the full mobile chart rankings based on their earnings in April –

Arena of Valor
QQ Speed
Fantasy Westward Journey
Clash Royale
Monster Strike
Fate/Grand Order
Pokemon Go
Candy Crush Saga
Clash of Clans

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