Arlington High School student in Critical Condition after a drug overdose – Is it true?

Wakefield Arlington High School Drug Overdose

A student of Wakefield High School, Arlington is in critical condition following a drug overdose during school hours. Let’s find out if the news is factual and what was the condition.

A student of Wakefield High School, Arlington Suffered a Drug Overdose

A young boy from Wakefield High School in Arlington needed emergency care on Tuesday. The school’s authority called paramedics for what seemed to be a drug overdose.

  • The boy was unconscious in the school’s bathroom on the morning of this Tuesday. The details about which drug it was, how did it reach in hands of the 14-year-old and his willingness in the matter aren’t disclosed yet. The police are investigating the case thoroughly.
Wakefield High School Arlington Drug Overdose Critical Condition
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The Timeline of The Case

Police and fire department crews received a report of an unresponsive student at Wakefield High School on S. Dinwiddie Street on Tuesday. They arrived at the premise at 9:30 a.m. and took the boy to the hospital.

  • Police confirmed that the student is in critical condition at around 4 P.M. Moreover, according to the authorities, four other students received the help of paramedics on the scene. In a recent update, police are investigating the case concerning the drug overdose.

Parents’ Reaction And Alleged Drug Use

The case has caused worries for parents of students of Wakefield High School. According to InsideNoVa, an anonymous Wakefield parent shares the suspected drug involved with the case. The school community was previously warned about the threat of opioid abuse.

  • According to the anonymous parent, the school is equipped with Narcan, a nasal spray used during an opioid overdose.
  • Many more parents are questioning the school administration regarding the case. However, police are still investigating the involvement of opioids and other toxic substances. We will update the article when further details of the substance abuse are disclosed.

School’s response to the incident

Following the emergency in the morning, the classes were dismissed early in the afternoon and all after-school activities were canceled, according to a post on Arlington Public School’s Twitter. An e-mail written by Principal Christian Willmore was sent out to parents as well.

  • The e-mail included some links to psychological support resources available online and suggestions for parents to have a conversation with their children. Moreover, the principal emphasized “the importance to provide kids with reassurance and an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.”
  • Regarding the case, Willmore shares, “Wakefield staff took immediate action and called for emergency medical facilities after finding the student.” Additionally, the school authority is in contact with the family of the student.
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Previous Cases and involvement of Fentanyl

Drug overdose cases have been on the rise in recent times. The reasons behind this include emotional distress, social pressure, psychological distress, educational pressure, improper influences, and counterfeit drugs. This becomes a grave matter when a 14-year-old Wakefield High school student is in critical condition due to drugs.

  • Last December, Prince William County police in Virginia responded to three overdoses involving teenagers within one week. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save one of the three teenagers. According to them, the rise in overdoses is related to counterfeit painkillers laced with toxic fentanyl.

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fentanyl is a lethal drug responsible for the majority of fatal and nonfatal overdoses in the U.S. It is 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine. Therefore, even an accidental intake of it can prove to be life-threatening.
  • Due to this, following a student’s overdose in neighboring Montgomery County, Maryland, schools and police prompted parents to be watchful of opioid overdoses. They encourage the community to educate themselves about drug misuse and overdose. Especially about fentanyl, as it’s responsible for over 70% of all overdoses in Maryland county.
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Alert behavior and precautions are recommended even more following the Arlington High School overdose case. What do you think are necessary steps to avoid similar cases like this Arlington’s Wakefield High School drug overdose in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and follow Spiel Times for more updates about current events across the globe.

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