NFL: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s donkey steals the show at ManningCast

Arnold Schwarzenegger ManningCast

Monday Night Football’s ManningCast simulcast featured an unexpected guest star, none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. To make things even more interesting for audiences of Eli and Peyton Manning’s NFL simulcast, the action hero’s pet donkey Lulu also made a surprise appearance. The former Governor of California left a memorable impact on viewers who tuned in to watch the Los Angeles Chargers vs New York Jets game. Let’s take a look at all the highlights from the ManningCast episode featuring Eli and Peyton Manning, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his donkey. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger brings donkey to Monday Night Football

ManningCast often boasts of some great guest stars and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence definitely amped up the broadcast. The iconic bodybuilder who is also a vocal Chargers fan brought his pet donkey Lulu to the camera and surprised both hosts, Eli and Peyton Manning

The Manning brothers were delighted to feature the donkey on their show as Eli even joked and drew comparisons between Lulu and Peyton. However, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lulu abruptly vanished due to a technical issue. Peyton Manning humorously remarked that the donkey “ate the heck out” of the WiFi and Arnold is officially not coming back. 

While the donkey may be unfamiliar to some fans, many know about it from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when The Terminator actor first introduced it to the public. In the ManningCast episode, Schwarzenegger fed Lulu joyfully. 

All Highlights of Arnold Schwarzenegger from ManningCast

Lulu was not the only highlight of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearance on ManningCast. The veteran actor shared his insights on sports and weightlifting and how modern football players are committed to their training routines.

He highlighted how weightlifting has now been embraced across various sports like soccer or wrestling, whereas back in his day, football players believed that the process would hinder their performance. 

The Monday Night Football broadcast took a funny turn when Arnold Schwarzenegger began pitching his book during a crucial moment in the game. During this time, Jets QB Zach Wilson fumbled on the field and the Chargers capitalized on this.

Peyton Manning joked that the quarterback should get a copy of Schwarzenegger’s book about success. The actor was also spot on with his football knowledge as he almost predicted an Austin Ekeler rushing touchdown from nearly 20 yards out.

ManningCast: New York Jets vs. LA Chargers

Apart from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eventful appearance, ManningCast continued to cover the rest of the game between the Jets and the Chargers. The LA Chargers won 27-6 and ended the Jets’ three-game winning streak. The Chargers had a strong start with two quick touchdowns which set the tone for the rest of the game. 

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