Arrowhead Stadium grass fire – Are there any casualties?

Arrowhead Stadium Grass Fire Kansas City Casualty

A grass fire near Arrowhead Stadium was reported on Sunday after the big game; there are no reports of casualty, and the fire started near the parking lot.

Arrowhead Stadium Grass Fire

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, an interesting game was scheduled between Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals. As per reports, the Chiefs beat the Bengals with 3 points (23-20). Therefore, they will proceed to Super Bowl LVII to face the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12.

  • After the game, a few attendees noticed a fire in the grass field next to the parking lot and immediately reported it. Upon the timely report, firefighters from Kansas City and Raytown, Missouri reached the stadium and took control of the growing grass fire outside GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • According to reports, firefighters arrived at a field near entrance 7 at Arrowhead at 9:48 p.m. and stopped the fire from turning into larger destruction. Grass fires are notorious for spreading fast and leaving serious destruction behind. Fortunately, the grass fire was extinguished before it turns wild.
  • Authorities suspect the fireworks lighted following the game may have provoked the grass fire. However, they are yet to determine an exact cause. A spokesperson for the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department said the department prepares for incidents like this as a preliminary precaution. Firefighters were able to quickly control the majority of the fire and extinguish it on time.
  • Furthermore, dry conditions, lack of a water source nearby, and wind made the fire challenging. The current weather conditions tend to cause wildfires out of the smallest ignition. Taking precautions and avoiding any ignitable substance near dry grass is important.

Are There Any Casualties?

There are no reports of casualties or injuries following the grass fire at Arrowhead Stadium. Although it began right next to the parking lot, there are no reports of any damages to the automobiles either. We advise our readers to take precautions to avoid such occurrences.

How Does Grass Fire Occur?

Long periods of hot and dry weather make the ground extremely dry. This leads to grassland and parks burning quickly when exposed to even the smallest of sparks.

  • Any substance that is burning can start a grass fire. The most common culprits for this incident are cigarettes and barbecues. When not properly extinguished, cigarettes come close to dry grass, which is very likely to cause a fire. Do keep in mind that disposing of cigarette butts in proper waste disposal is important.
  • According to London Fire Brigade, even cigarettes thrown out of a car window can start a fire as many roads are near grassland.

  • Another culprit of grass fires is glass bottles. When these unharming innocent bottles are left in the parks, they can start fires too. Glass can magnify the rays of the sun and this can cause a fire in the area.
  • Most importantly, grass fires can spread extremely fast so, if you see dry grass smoldering, please call your closest helpline and report it immediately. No fire is too small to report to firefighters.
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How To Prevent Grass Fires?

London Fire Brigade shares ways to prevent grass fires and wildfires on its website. The list of instructions is as follows:

  • Never drop cigarettes or anything with a flame while on the land or inside a car towards the dry ground.
  • Do not organize barbecues in parks, public spaces, or dry premises without authorities’ permission.
  • Never leave an ignited campfire or other fire unattended. Moreover, make sure to extinguish them thoroughly before leaving.
  • Do not start a fire near sheds, fences, trees, tents, or any combustible substance.
  • Do not barbecue, campfire, or light firecrackers on balconies. The wind can carry ash toward nearby grassland and cause a fire.
  • Always keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergency use when igniting anything on the land.
  • Be careful of children, animals, balls, or anything else that can knock over hot substances, increasing the risk of fires, especially in busy public spaces.
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  • Luckily the Arrowhead Stadium fire was taken under control without much damage or any casualties however things can always go another way so precaution is better. For the more latest news related to current events across the globe follow Spiel Times and stay safe.
SOURCES: KMBC News, The Advertiser, London Fire Brigade

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