Assassin's Creed Vikings
Courtesy of BossLogic, Ubisoft

I’ve been watching Ubisoft’s livestream for more than 3 hours now and finally, BossLogic dropped the bombshell. The boats have Viking shields, and yes, the next Assassin’s Creed game sets around Vikings. Assassin’s Creed Vikings, here we go!

As speculated by many and confirmed by Jason Schreier, we’re all going to Scandinavia for the next Assassin’s Creed game. BossLogic is still finishing up the artwork. He has started working on the protagonist (so we’re assuming the person in the center).

Once the stream ends, we’ll be left with information only about the setting of the game. As rumors say, we’ll hear more about the game in the coming days. We could get a gameplay reveal soon, as well.

Although we know the setting of the game, I’m still waiting for BossLogic to finish the artwork. At the end of it, Ubisoft might reveal the name of the game. Although, it’s not sure as of now.

Here’s the live stream –

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