Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Judgment Of Atlantis DLC Trailer Revealed

Atlantis, we have returned!

Judgment of Atlantis, the third episode of the narrative arc of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This takes players from the settings of the Greek afterlife of the previous DLC to the much talked and used aquatic city of Atlantis.

Atlantis is a center of science and technology, where humans and ISU’s – the mysterious first civilization of Assassin’s Creed – walk side by side in an experiment to create a perfectly balanced society. Hidden in all this beauty and hope, however, lies a cesspool of corruption, where some Isu citizens seem to be irritated by the idea of ​​laws that protect humans.

In Fields of Elysium, we aimed to repel the absolute control of Persephone. In Torment of Hades, we had to survive the surreal chaos of the Underworld. Judgment of Atlantis is to find a balance between the two extremes. As a human-isu hybrid, we will be seen as a living attempt to achieve that balance.

In this new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC, we will have two main goals during our stay in Atlantis. First of all, as Dikastes, our task will be to judge the city and its inhabitants. We will have to resolve ethical dilemmas and disputes between citizens. The second objective instead, is to finally free all the potential of the powerful Hermes Trismegistus. Together with Alexios or the Kassandra DNA Isu – by scanning data, messages and artifacts.

We can also forge three new legendary Isu weapons: a bat, a spear and a dagger. And choose to infuse them with unique improvements such as Assassin, Hunter or Warrior. Each of these weapons can only be forged once, which means you will first have to hunt down three of the nine Adamant bars scattered around Atlantis.

It will be possible to begin to discover the mysteries of Atlantis starting today, July 16th. To start with the DLC, you must have reached at least level 28 and finished.


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