Asura Developer Working On A New Unannounced Project Inspired By Indian Setting

Ogre Head, the studio behind the indie hack ‘n’ slash roguelike Asura, is working on a new unannounced project. I had a small chit-chat with Founder Zain Fahadh and discussed their new game, its setting and how Ogre Head is planning to make it stand out of the other games in the market.

Here’s the complete interview –

So are you working on a new game?

Zain: Yes, we are. However, it is too early to talk about it!

So it’s a bigger project than Asura?

Zain: Yes, it is.

Hmm… Setting? No Indian mythology this time?

Zain: We are trying to leverage whatever we learnt from Asura and making it epic-er! It will be inspired by Indian setting.

So I got the hint. Will this development slow down Asura’s updates?

Zain: No.

And finally, what is the one thing, that makes this new code red game stand out of other games in the market?

Zain: We are in the hope of inventing a new sub-genre in the process. That itself should make it stand out. My team is working extremely and I am sure it is going to amazing!

Zain (I want to end this ugh…): My flight is about to take off…

Jokes apart. Asura is a worldwide phenomenon, with many international awards and an appreciable fan base from across the world. The game has been critically acclaimed by many gaming media outlets as well.

Asura is currently available on Steam, Humble Bundle and

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