Automachef: The Game Where You Help A Robot Become The World’s Biggest Food Tycoon

I always prefer step-by-step processes than jumping on from one to the other. And this preference is the strongest when it comes to simulation, management and business ideas. Many a time, I’ve wanted a proper video game on the step-by-step functioning of McDonald’s. There is an McD web game out there that throws some light on the processes, but I demand precision. That’s where Automachef comes in handy.

Developed by the creative minds behind Winds of Trade, Automachef is a food enthusiast’s dream come true. You play as the manager of an automated restaurant, building automated kitchens, arranging electric grills, robotic hands, splitters, storage units and much more.


Your boss is interestingly a robot, who thinks of himself as a real human being. It gets even funnier when it delivers some nitty gritty dialogues in the most humane way possible.

Automachef is a level-based simulation game. Hermes Interactive has put its heart into this project and the harvest of its hard work can be seen.

The game features basically everything an automated restaurant would require. Although your boss is a wannabe food tycoon, he can’t make his way to the top without your help. As the FAQ page of the site says, “After all, human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence for some tasks!”.


Automachef won’t demand much of your CPU power. So if you have a low-end computer with some decent configurations, you’re in luck.

The game is set to release in Fall 2018 for Windows and Linux. We’ve asked the developers for an interview and we’d love if you cooperate us with some fresh and consumable questions.

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