Avalanche Studios - Relentless Forward Motion

Avalanche Studios was recently acquired by Nordisk Film. Following the acquisition, it seems Avalanche Studios has dropped a hint over a new unannounced game/IP.

The official twitter handle of Avalanche linked a tweet from Christofer Sundberg, founder of the studio, that said the following –

If you’ve been a careful observer, the hashtags in the tweet are revealing some prominent information about this new IP.

#newip – It isn’t just a single game they’re teasing, but a completely new franchise.

#24hrs – The game might as well be officially revealed within a day or so.

#E32018 – Yes, the game will be revealed at E3 next week.

However, the last hashtag is kind of confusing. Relentless Forward Motion is an athletic term used by runners. But here, it might mean something else.

One, it might point towards the relentless efforts put by the development team to polish the game for a perfect E3 showcasing.

Two, the game is named Relentless Forward Motion. To be honest, the first one fits well in this scenario.

The game is clearly an FPS where you’ll fight some kind of beasts or animals along with your companions, as depicted by the screen on the Dell monitor.

That’s all we have as of now. We’ll update you if there’s anything more to Relentless Forward Motion.

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