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Axie Infinity has been roaring back to life in the past week as developers make efforts to improve the current system. Its in-game cryptocurrency Smooth Love Potion (SLP) saw a 150% surge, making it 176% higher than its price a week ago. The increase came after Sky Mavis announced that they would be removing SLP from daily quests to stabilize its value. Previously, players could earn rewards from adventure mode, but the devs believe it has now outlived its purpose.

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The drastic price increase came around the heels of the release of the Axie Infinity roadmap. The roadmap detailed upcoming updates and changes to the current system.

  • Sky Mavis says that Smooth Love Potion is destabilizing the market because there is four times more supply than there is demand through Axie breeding. It’s a drastic move to prevent a total collapse that would destroy many players’ investments in the game.
  • Apart from SLP, Axie’s native token AXS has also increased noticeably in the past week. It moved up 30%, with signs that the run may continue.

More Upward Movement?

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Many believe this is only the first upward movement for Axie as Sky Mavis stays active with development. Not only that, the entire crypto market seems to be tuning up for another upward run. Technical analysts believe that the market is experiencing a lengthened cycle. They also state that there’s one more big push for Bitcoin before a bear market.

If that happens, altcoins like AXS and Smooth Love Potion will likely follow suit. Big runs by major cryptocurrencies often lead to massive gains in smaller coins as money shifts between projects.

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