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A fund of $400,000 has been established by blockchain game developers to compensate game content providers. The idea is to boost user engagement.

The number of wallets interacting with Axie Infinity, a blockchain game, has increased by 20%. DappRadar picked up on this. Analysts believe that developers have upped their activities as a result of a new $400K funding scheme for gaming content makers.

  1. Impact on the Axie Infinity player community and economy.
  2. The game’s enjoyment.
  3. Culture, purpose, and method of thinking are all important factors to consider.
  4. Engineering feasibility assessment of the project.

$5,000 is the minimum sponsorship amount. In the short run, it appears like the Axie Infinity developers’ initiative has paid off. According to DappRadar, trade volume on Katana, the game’s decentralized crypto exchange, increased by almost 10%.

Image Courtesy of DappRadar

Other Ways To Get SLP

At the same time, the most popular trade pairings are AXS-WETH and SLP-WETH, because players may still earn and use SLP in the game, while AXS tokens are required for project administration.

In addition, the creators announced the launch of a new in-game feature that would allow you to eliminate characters in return for exclusive territories, cosmetic items, and more. However, it is still unclear how the new feature will impact the game’s economy.

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  • Axie Infinity is transforming into a financial pyramid, according to several journalists. The fee of entering the game, for example, has risen to $1000. Because this barrier is too high for many market players, intermediary businesses have sprung up.
  • The developers recognized that the development of the game depends on the influx of new players. To resolve the situation, the company promised to introduce new features. However, it is still unknown whether the size of the entry threshold for participation in the game will change.
  • The game’s development is dependent on the inflow of new players, according to the developers. The company pledged to deploy new features to remedy the situation. The size of the admission threshold for participation in the game, however, is still unknown.

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