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Due to the meta last season, a few cards in the latest Axie Infinity update were substantially nerfed, including two anemone Aquas for the barricade and an all-out dark swoop bird in the back. They affected both Anemone Cards Aquaponics and Aqua Vitality by reducing the card’s damage output. As a result, each Axies’ two cards deliver modest damage and it would take a long time to destroy only one Axie. You have a good chance of receiving these cards because you have two copies of each of the two low-damage cards.

Anemone Cards

They recently undid the nerf and increased the damage of anemone cards by 5. So each anemone card’s total stats are 75-30, plus the special effect of regaining 50 hp for each anemone body part.

Dawn Axies

Dawn Axies will undergo significant changes as a result of their exclusion from meta Axies discussions. Bird and Aqua are its two Axie counterparts, and many players have them in their Axie teams. Aqua, Bird, Mech, and Dusk are faster than Dawn Axies. They have higher morale stats than Aqua and Bird, but only in minor amounts. To match some of the other Axies, 4 points of Moral were transferred to Speed. With this stat update, Axie Infinity will likely see a greater number of Dawn Axies.

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Bird / Aqua

  • For Bird and Aqua, the Axie Infinity patch added a damage adjustment for both Little Owl (Dark Swoop) and Oranda (Hero’s Bane) cards. The damage was nerfed with the patch, with Dark Swoop now dealing 10 damage, solely benefiting the backdoor feature.
  • Oranda’s damage was also heavily nerfed, making Star Shoal a superior alternative. They increased Oranda’s damage to 120 while lowering her shield generation from 30 to 20. Both cards are now playable, and they can both burst an Axie if the player makes a solid combo.


  • Caterpillar (Grub Surprise), Gila (Neuro Toxin), and Sponge received significant buffs due to their overall numbers (Shipwreck). Even without their special impact, their stats increased to 165 or higher, making them nearly invincible.
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  • They nerfed the shield generation and damage for all three cards, as well as Sponge’s damage. These cards now have a total of 160 new stats, which is reasonable given that each of them has a unique impact that changes the course of battles.

This patch fixes visual effects, an issue where the wrong axie icon was displayed, and correct trigger text. Axie’s expressions have also been reintroduced. Only if there are unforeseen troubles with the game or meta will they do a patch after an announcement of maintenance. Once Season 20 kicks off, there will be no more balancing tweaks to make.

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