Back 4 Blood is the zombie co-op FPS from Turtle Rock Studios, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It comes from the same studio that brought us the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. The game has been well-received by fans and the gaming community. However, there is one thing that needs to change in the game: the difficulty levels.

The game is hard and spawns too many Ridden at a time. The developers, Turtle Rock Studios, have admitted that the game is more difficult than was planned. They also have plans to take care of this unexpectedly high difficulty.

Turtle Rock has already released a patch earlier this month to address the difficulty level, but it seems that the patch has not been able to do the job. While it had corrected the situation with AI spawn cards, special Ridden spawning has still not gone down. The issue was addressed on a live stream on Twitch, while a Reddit post also summed up the issues and what is going to be done.

You can watch the full interview by CLICKING HERE.

Screengrab Courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios via Twitch

November 2021 Update Stream Recap & More. from Back4Blood

“We identified another major cause of the unintended increased difficulty. And we are actively working on a solution. We will nail this and continue crafting a game that improves over time.”

One of the things bothering players most is the trauma damage which lowers your max health capacity over the course of a mission, and can only be fixed at health stations. Turtle Rock has stated that this has been fixed for online play, but the offline Training and single-player modes will still face this issue. A patch for the offline play is set to come out later, probably with the next patch.

Another aspect that players are not happy with is the “speedrunning” feature. In this, a teammate in a co-op mission can run to the end of the level, leaving teammates behind to face the monsters by themselves. While this may be a feature that lets players skip over difficult missions, it is unfair to the other teammates. Further, this may be happening due to the fact that the game’s difficulty level is high.

Turtle Rock said they will address this issue, and stated that “We understand the frustrations that come with queuing into a team where a teammate is using a speedrun deck and leaves the rest of the team behind. We don’t want that to happen. We’re working towards addressing this in future patches.”

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