Back to the Future plays on Broadway; Will a Netflix remake happen soon?

Back to the Future Broadway musical

It’s been 38 years since the first Back to the Future movie came out, and it still manages to stay relevant in popular culture. The iconic sci-fi comedy inspired sequels, TV series, video games, and more. Now, it’s time for Marty McFly and Doc Brown to bring the DeLorean time machine into Broadway. Let’s take a look at all details about the ongoing Back to the Future musical on Broadway and a potential Netflix reboot of the iconic film.

A Birth Of An Upcoming Sci-Fi Musical

As hard as it may be to reimagine Robert Zemeckis’ cult classic as a musical, Back to the Future can easily transcend different art mediums. The show features songs from the franchise and follows the same narrative, including a book written by Bob Gale. 

Interestingly, the music and lyrics were done by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard. Alan Silvestri was the original Back to the Future movie’s music composer. He is also known for composing other timeless works like the Avengers theme and Forrest Gump’s score. 

Following two productions in Manchester (2020) and West End (2021), Back to the Future’s musical has finally made its way to its home country in the United States. The show opened officially on Broadway on August 3 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

The primary cast includes Casey Likes as Marty McFly, Roger Bart as Emmett Brown, Liana Hunt as Marty’s mom Lorraine and Hugh Coles as his dad George. And, of course, there’s a life-sized replica of the fan-favorite DeLorean DMC from the film.

Is Netflix rebooting the franchise?

Given that the Back to the Future franchise and its related IP will never run out of fashion, there are reports that the movie is getting the reboot or remake treatment from streaming giant Netflix. A series adaptation might also be on the cards.

The rumors gained traction after the original quartet – Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Thomas F Wilson – shared a picture. The reunion happened when they were attending a show of Back to the Future’s Broadway musical together. As of this writing, there’s no confirmation whether Back to the Future will happen soon.

In the recent past, Michael J Fox had given a half-hearted nod to a potential spin-off or reboot of the iconic film. He said it’s entirely up to the makers to do what they want but emphasized that original writers Zemeckis and Gale would not tamper with it.

Fans oppose Back to the Future remake

Reboots and remakes are often polarizing in their outcome. Sometimes, they end up just as good as the original or probably even better. Some good examples are Top Gun: Maverick, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Blade Runner 2049.

However, there is always the looming threat of ruining an iconic IP with a complete misfire. The Ghostbusters reboot in 2016, the Men in Black spin-off with Chris Hemsworth, and the last three Terminator movies are all cautionary tales. 

Sharing this concern, ardent fans of the Back to the Future franchise have vehemently opposed a Netflix remake or reboot of the classic movie. However, only time will tell what the makers have in their minds. 

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