Backbone One: Can I use it on Xbox?

Backbone One: Can I use it on Xbox?

Time for mobile gamers to play their favorite games without getting their hands sweaty. The Backbone One, certainly considered the future of mobile gaming, is a handheld wireless device that lets you play your favorite AAA games on your mobile devices through remote play. It is truly a gamer changer in the mobile gaming industry. In this article, we’ve answered the most asked questions, including whether you can use it to play your favorite Xbox games.

The Backbone One: The game-changing mobile gaming device 

The intention behind creating the Backbone One was to offer gamers worldwide a smooth and uninterrupted mobile gaming experience. With the Backbone One, you have the ability to enjoy your preferred console games on your mobile devices through features like remote play, cloud gaming, etc. 

Can I use the Backbone One on Xbox?

Yes. The Backbone One can be used to play Xbox games on your phone. With the classic Xbox controls, the X, Y, A, and B won’t fail you to provide the feeling of an actual Xbox controller.


  • The Backbone One (obviously)
  • Xbox Game Pass app
  • A good mobile device
  • Good and fast internet connectivity

How to play Xbox Games using Backbone One

  • You can use the Backbone One controller and the Xbox Game Pass app on your mobile device. The Game Pass app is mandatory as it offers you the option of remote play.
  • With Xbox Remote Play, you can play games installed on your Xbox console on your phone.
  • As long as your Xbox remains connected to power and the internet, you can play games on your phone no matter where you are.
  • There it is. It’s easy to play the full-blown AAA games you always dreamt of on your phone. The Backbone One offers you an optimal mobile gaming experience.
  • Therefore, we can conclude that with Xbox remote play and the Backbone One, you can access your Xbox console remotely and enjoy console-quality gaming on your phone.
Backbone One: Can I use it on Xbox?
Image courtesy of Xbox website

The Backbone enhances your gaming experience by providing physical controls similar to those found on traditional gaming consoles.

Price and Where to Buy the Backbone One

Now, we realize that many gamers may be wondering where to buy this interesting gadget for gamers, the Backbone One. It might be often overwhelming and confusing where to buy a gaming device since thousands of websites sell the same product. Fear not, we have made it easy for you. Please be aware that the product’s price may differ depending on the website you visit. However, it is commonly sold for $99.99.

Backbone One: Can I use it on Xbox?
Screengrab courtesy of Unbox High Tech via YouTube

The Backbone One is undeniably revolutionary, delivering a console-quality gaming experience to your portable devices. Its stylish aesthetics, integrated controls, and mobility provide an uninterrupted and captivating gaming journey. Whether you acquire it directly from the official Backbone website or explore various online and offline vendors, obtaining the Backbone One is effortlessly achievable, granting mobile gamers access to an elevated realm of gaming pleasure.

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