The “Most Badass Fishing Game Ever” to be Launched on PS4

Fishing Planet 2017
Fishing Just Went to a Whole New Level Thanks to Fishing Planet


As lightly as it sounds, Fishing is a pretty calm and leisure pursuit and often regarded as a relaxing activity relating to the summertime. However, the above statement has nothing to do with the trailer of Fishing Planet, a simulation game related to fishing developed by indie studio and it is pretty irrelevant to what you may assume of the word fishing.

The two minute trailer of the Simulation Game looks, We’re treated to a man holding a fishing rod intently, ready to reel in the line at the slightest tug; pans across environments like an alpine lake amid snow-capped mountains and a swamp dotted with tall trees; and slow-motion shots of a bright green lure sinking underwater.

Fishing Planet 2017

And as soon as a fish is hooked by the fisherman, a rock grinding hard edged music starts to play in the background which makes it even more different and odd from your expectations of a fishing simulation. The game was first debuted on Steam in 2015 as a Steam Early Access Game and it was a free to play title for PC and Mac. The trailer confirmed that the game is going to be released on 29 August for PlayStation 4 and that version will also be a free to play one. Also the game will be making its way to PS4 Pro which means it will be available with a 4K Support. There is plenty of real life locations added in the game and also there are more than 70 species of fish to be added in the game which will make it a “complex fish AI system.” There is also online multiplayer fishing including tournaments and competitive play.

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