Sword Art Online’s latest entry takes the franchise to the fictional world of Gun Gale Online.

Bandai Namco returns to the world of Sword Art Online for its next RPG title with Sword Arts Online: Fatal bullet, which was revealed last week. As it takes the franchise to the virtual world of Gun Gale Online, it is more about guns than swords and give fans a third person shooter experience with their favourite RPG setting blended with gunplay action.

Unlike previous titles which came out for vita, Fatal Bullet will be releasing on most major platforms available today. It will be launching for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in early 2018.

Fatal Bullet sees its players take up the role of various characters from the anime, including the series protagonist Kirito. The game will be available with full Japanese voiceovers with subtitles in other languages but the developers want to expand the game beyond just the anime fanbase.

Dimps, for the people who don’t know, is the studio behind the recent Dragon Ball Xenoverse games.

Here is the Official description by Bandai Namco:

“Play as the protagonist, battle against opponents using new weapons and further customize gameplay by creating skills and abilities. Interact with characters from the Sword Art Online original novels, anime and previous games as you navigate a world that is vastly personalized and visually enhanced. As an action based RPG, gun battle plays a large role unlike previous games, with unique and realistic designs resembling something out of a sci-fi movie and numerous other weapons and fighting styles to choose from. Stunning visuals also accompany this game thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4, which lends realism to the textures and materials, further immersing the player into the dynamic world.”

And its features:

• Welcome to the World of Guns: Gun Gale Online from Sword Art Online II is visually enhanced, with many landscapes to discover in an all new original story supervised by series creator, Reki Kawahara.
• Unreal Visuals: Get lost in a lifelike world developed by Dimps with realistic and robust environments and textures made possible by Unreal Engine 4.
• Friend or Foe: Challenge tough bosses that require friends in co-op or play against them in 4-on- 4 battles.
• Realistic and Heroic Gun Play: plenty of one-of-a-kind and beautifully Designed weapons to choose from and unique skills to create.
• New to Xbox One and PC: Sword Art Online is playable on Xbox One and PC for the first time in the history of the popular gaming series.