Bangalore to host Atsumaru Euphoria, a Japanese Cosplay Fest in India

The curative expansion of Anime culture in India is bustling, glittering, and shining through. Of the rising number of anime fandom in the Asian continent, India perhaps might be at the forefront. I Know A Guy (IKAG) productions in partnership with venue The Hub Bengaluru is bringing what can only be described as the most incredible Japanese-Anime cosplay festival in India. Atsumaru Euphoria is set to be held on 29th October for a duration of 12 hours starting afternoon.

I Know A Guy Productions aims to bring more of the Japanese culture to India, together with The Hub Bengaluru. Expanding with Anime, Japanese gaming, music, food, and cosplay is supposed to make for an energetic day on 29th October 2022. 

What is Atsumaru Euphoria About?

Atsumaru Euphoria
provided by The Hub Bengaluru

Atsumaru Euphoria is a cosplay festival in India. The venue is set as The Hub Bengaluru and will run from 12 PM To 12 AM. The night fest will include a handful of activities, events, music, and of course, Anime. The entire event has been divided into three kinds of fests, namely The Anime, The Differed Records Showcase, and The Feel Good Festival. 

A tech-savvy environment through Metropolis 

Atsumaru Euphoria
Snippets of Atsumaru Returns

The 12-hour-long fest promises to be a multi-sensory experience with the further aid of Metropolis. Metropolis is a metaverse-based service platform. As a Tech Partner for Atsumaru Euphoria, the company will set up a dedicated space. The space will allow creators to use the virtual reality gear and other associated techs to create their own Avatars. The avatars will be made for the new launch of India’s first Web3 Social Media – Mgenesis.  

The official details by Atsumaru unveil the following regarding their three different categories –

The Anime Festival

Cosplayer in India
Atsumaru Returns, courtesy of The Hub Bengaluru
  • Will feature a 2-hour curated Anime Playlist for dance, fun, and immersion.
  • Vendors and sellers will set up appealing stalls for apparel, accessories, books, and comics.
  • A get-together of Otakus, Weebows, and Cosplayers settling and engaging with the multiple facets throughout the fest
The Hub Bengaluru
Denji Cosplay in the second edition of Atsumaru

The Differed Records Showcase

Cosplay Festival in Bengalore

12 Hours of non-stop curated music will keep the audiences at bay (And close).

Music Timing
Anime Music Videotheque By Tamannah 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
DJ Diwu – New age Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton and Dancehall 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Bad Apple – Improvised Electronic Music Set with Instruments 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Yon DJ – Classic House, Deep House 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Siva Prayojan – Melodic Techno with Live Synthesizers 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Vilas Monnappa – Techno, Progressive Tech 9:00 pm -10:00 pm
Main Act: Vachan Chinnappa – Drum & Bass ON VINYLS. 10:00 pm to Midnight

The Feel Good Food Festival

Cosplay festival in India Bangalore
Food section in the second Atsumaru, via I Know A Guy Productions

Refers to the food part of the fest. Different stalls and spaces will feature a multi-diverse cuisine, including

  • Authentic Japanese cuisine by Matsuri
  • Best Biryani from Bheema’s
  • Cheesy and juicy Burgers from BMD: Burgers. Melts. Dogs Delicious Tapas, Grills
  • Desserts from Amiel Gourmet
  • Wholesome Baos by Atsushi Suzuki
  • 3 long Cocktail Bars

Where to buy tickets for Atsumaru Euphoria?

The Hub Bengaluru hosts Atsumaru Euphoria
Master Roshi cosplay in Atsumaru Returns

Tickets start from 1888 onwards. You can buy them here.


It is notable that this isn’t the first Atsumaru. The first rendition was held back in November 2021, followed up by Atsumaru Returns in 2022 April. This is their third attempt at bringing anime lovers into one space and shrouding them with drinks, food, beverages, merch, and electro-cyberpunk digital music.

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