It’s been six years since the launch of Banner Saga, and it’s been one of the most critically acclaimed tactical RPGs. To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Banner Saga, Stoic posted a discussion between the developers of the original game.

While most of the discussion is about the devs reflecting on their journey to date, they did reveal some subtle details about their upcoming project. Alex from Stoic Studios adds “Stoic’s continuing to grow bigger than it’s ever been before, and we’re wading heavily into a new project with new ambitions and aspirations. We can’t wait to be able to talk more about it soon and we hope you’ll come along with us to a new world, with new stories to tell in a new game.”

While there is little known about this new project as of now, it will definitely excite fans of the franchise. Considering the fact that they are emphasizing on new ambitions and aspirations, we might as well see something completely different from Stoic Studios this time around. But it seems like we will get to know about it pretty soon.