Bastion Anime about K-POP Superheroes Coming to Crunchyroll? What Is It About + Potential Release
Bastion Anime about K-POP Superheroes Coming to Crunchyroll? What Is It About + Potential Release (Image via Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll, the popular streaming platform for anime and Asian content, is making headlines once again with its latest announcement. The upcoming Korean animation series titled “Bastions” is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its unique blend of K-POP and superhero action. 

Described by Crunchyroll as “unconventional heroes gearing up to prevent disaster,” Bastions takes place in a world where superpowers are the norm. The story revolves around a group of beloved idols who unite their talents to keep society safe.

However, their mission takes an exciting turn when they encounter a formidable adversary named Wash Green. This seemingly eco-friendly megacorporation is, in reality, a leading contributor to environmental pollution. The fate of the planet now rests in the hands of the Bastions. Can they overcome the odds and save the world?

Crunchyroll Acquires Bastions – a New Korean Animation Superhero Series

In an exciting development, Crunchyroll has secured the rights to air the highly anticipated Korean animation series, Bastions. Produced by Thymos Media, the five-part series promises to deliver a thrilling blend of superhero action and K-POP music. From May 13 onwards, fans can watch the latest episodes of Bastions on Crunchyroll every Saturday.

  • The series is available for streaming in multiple countries, excluding China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.
  • This acquisition is particularly exciting for Indian fans of anime and K-POP, as the series will be available in India.
    • Asa Suehira, Crunchyroll’s Chief Content Officer, expressed enthusiasm about introducing fans to different animation styles from Asia.
    • Suehira also highlighted the broad appeal of Bastions by incorporating music from popular K-POP stars.

A Unique Fusion of K-POP and Animation

Bastions stands out for its innovative fusion of K-POP and animation, making it a must-watch for fans of both genres. The series features several original songs from prominent K-POP artists, including the main track and theme song by none other than BTS.

This collaboration marks BTS’s first project as a group since the release of their anthology album, Proof, in June of last year. In addition to BTS’s contributions, the “Bastions” soundtrack will also showcase music from K-POP girl group Le Sserafim, as well as singers Heize and AleXa.

What is it about?

Bastion Anime about K-POP Superheroes Coming to Crunchyroll (Image via Cruncyroll)

The series is about new superheroes joining forces to save the world from dangerous villains. These young dynamos find themselves thrust into the spotlight after successfully saving Earth from a crisis caused by an elusive villain responsible for environmental pollution. The Bastions discover their true potential and embark on a journey to protect the planet from Wash Green, the seemingly eco-friendly but environmentally destructive corporation.

The animation style of Bastions is visually stunning, bringing the vibrant world of superheroes and K-POP to life. Each character possesses their own distinct superpower, adding depth and excitement to the storyline. Viewers can expect thrilling action sequences, heartwarming moments, and unexpected twists as the Bastions face formidable foes and overcome personal challenges.

Prepare for an Epic Adventure

A still from Bastions Trailer
A still from Bastions Trailer (Image via Cruncyroll)

With its captivating storyline, engaging characters, and the inclusion of popular K-POP music, Bastions is poised to become the next big sensation in the world of anime. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of this Korean animation series on Crunchyroll, as it promises to offer a unique blend of superhero action and music.

The release of Bastions on Crunchyroll signifies the platform’s commitment to showcasing diverse and innovative content from Asia. As the Chief Content Officer of Crunchyroll, Asa Suehira expressed excitement about introducing fans to different animation styles. This new Korean animation series exemplifies Crunchyroll’s dedication to expanding its library and appealing to a global audience.

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