Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 Beta is on fire already!

The 9-day long Battlefield 1 Beta has started! If you registered for the Battlefield Insider service by August 21 you must have received your unique early access code. The code will appear in your mail and once redeemed, you are ready to start your Battlefield 1 Beta experience right away.

A few hours back Lee Williams, EA UK’s Community Manager posted the system requirements for Battlefield 1 Beta PC. He posted it on the Battlefield Forums on 12:18 IST today and closed the discussion immediately.

System Requirements

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
DirectX: 11
CPU: Core i5 6600K or AMD FX-6350
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
Internet Connection: 512kbps or faster

Battlefield 1 Beta

Guess what? We at Spiel Times managed to grab two extra early access codes only for you! If you have a good internet connection and want to play the game today itself, redeem the codes given below and start your Battlefield 1 Beta experience a day ahead!


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      • Come on guys, that’s obviously minimum. You can’t honestly believe a new big budget shooter is going to recommend a GTX 660.

        • Thats probably the case. I havent upgraded my PC, and I remember looking at the minimum reqs for Battlefront beta, which would have not ran on my GPU (GTX 560Ti).

          I kinda feel that minimum reqs have been going drasticly up for games in recent years, but then again 560 is like 5 years old I think? And it always was a mid tier GPU.
          I should be greatful that BF4 runs as well as it does (mostly medium, post on low, mesh on ultra. 900p, mostly 60FPS or little over)

  1. I played beta in my pc with 40-65 fps. and for me that a low end specifications.
    Phenom II x4 945 3.0ghz
    8Gb ram
    MSI gtx 650 1 gb ram

    Thats for low graphics.

    p.s. my cpu is clocked to 3300 mhz.

  2. Obviously the lower end requirements. I just wish the developers would come right out and put SLI/Crossfire suggested requirements on their games’ packaging. The game supports it beautifully as did part 3 and 4 respectively.

    Just a heads up for most as the BF1 experience is the same as BF3&4 in regards to proper utilization of hardware when considering two or more GFX cards…..especially four in my case. I can usually see %100-120 of power draw @4k in these said games.


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