Battlefield 1 Beta

Follow these simple tips to double the Battlefield 1 Beta fun.

Battlefield 1 Beta is not far away. The public beta will run from August 31 till September 8, giving players an exclusive chance to try out the WWI-shooter for 9 days. With this article, we bring you some of the best ways you can utilize your beta experience.

Battlefield 1 Insiders who signed up by August 21 can access the beta a day earlier, starting from August 30 instead of August 31. Insiders will receive an early access code through mail and once redeemed, you can start your Battlefield 1 Beta journey right ahead!

Here’s what we think you can do to double your Battlefield 1 Beta experience –

A better internet connection

Battlefield 1 has the potentiality to hold up to 64 players in every single match. If your internet connection is of 512kbps, you should probably get a new connection of at least 1mbps for quality experience. Also make sure to play on a broadband connection over wireless or mobile data. It will help you get low ping and smooth online gameplay.

Tweaking your GPU

Tweaking or overclocking your graphics card may not be useful at all times but for the Battlefield 1 Beta week, let’s give it a try. You can simply open up your AMD, Nvidia or Intel control panels, follow basic instructions, and tweak or overclock your graphics card to run games smoothly and easily than before.

Battlefield 1’s system requirements will surely be demanding. According to the recent Game Debate page, you may require a GTX 970 and 16GB ram to play the game in Ultra Settings. EA has yet to confirm the official system requirements, but we bet it won’t have much difference. If you’re having a low-end GPU, you should probably sell it and get a new one. After all, every gaming yet to release this year are going to be huge and will have demanding requirements.

Battlefield 1 Beta

Join Battlefield Forums

A great way to enhance your Battlefield experience is by becoming a part of the Battlefield Forums. There you can find new friends, form or join new clans and spend the beta week without being lonely. Making new companions is always a better idea than playing solo. This makes the game more fun as you can always discuss where to position, fire etc.

Another advantage of joining the Battlefield Forums is that you will stay up to date with everything related to Battlefield 1, the beta week, the game’s launch, reveals and many more. After all, discussing about the latest with the video game community is always satisfactory and profitable.

Battlefield 1 Beta

Record/Live-stream your gameplay

Ever though what else other than money inspires Youtubers and Twitch streamers to upload or live-stream? They love doing it, because they love playing games. You don’t need to be PewDiePie or Syndicate Central to stream or upload gameplays. You just need to be a dedicated gamer who loves playing games and shouting on the microphone. See, I just gave you tips on ‘How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel’.

This week, Battlefield 1 will be the trendiest game across YouTube and Twitch. So it is the perfect time to gain subscribers or followers for your channel. Just keep uploading or streaming throughout the week, and you will definitely gain a good amount of fans.

Battlefield 1 Beta

Right now, the most important thing that’s revolving around our heads is the size of the beta. Battlefield Bulletin’s twitter account claimed that the size for the Xbox One version is 6.2GB. If we aren’t wrong, 6.2GB is an easy deal for every gamer and all of us can start playing the beta from the first day itself.

We at Spiel Times will be active throughout the week and shall provide you with everyday analysis and report from the beta, including how many players were online during the day, total matches played and more. Make sure to subscribe to our Battlefield 1 newsletter for quick updates regarding the beta week.

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