Battlefield 1 is yet to release, but hackers are always one step ahead

Battlefield 1 Hackers

These are the guys who will own you at every moment of your game

I don’t need to introduce Battlefield 1 each and every time I write an article about it right? Fair enough. Battlefield 1, Dice’s WW1 Shooter (oops, I just did it again) is currently playable for members who have an EA Access or an Orgin Access subscription. The game is yet to release officially, but we’re already seeing these bunch of bizarre people called ‘hackers’ already.

Not being an EA Access nor an Origin Access member, I personally don’t know what’s happening in the virtual battlefield right now. But, I am pretty good at keeping myself updated with what’s going on around. Here’s what Evan Lahti of PC Gamer experienced –

Battlefield 1 Hackers
A scoreboard you’ll never forget

His first match on the Amiens map in Rush mode didn’t went well. He was welcomed by a wallhacking aimbotter who scored 65-0, something no real human can score at this moment. Except that guy. Evan got killed multiple times around the corners without having any clue of what’s going around.  By the third or fourth time he had his face blown off through an impenetrable wall. “I’d decided that my new objective was to test how effective this person’s cheats were.” says Evan.

Not just Evan, but innocents like me and you are experiencing hacking tortures as well. “Fair Fight and Punkbuster are not cutting the mustard clearly. I just got out of a game where a hacker was headshotting everything in sight, it was plain as day. “Threats of recording it, reporting it etc didn’t change anything. 42-0, 60-0 and no reply from the hacker. Next round he was back,” says a beta player on Reddit. Here’s the clip –

If you are good at being a ninja, just try to flee from those hackers either by switching servers or playing on different modes. Despite the hackers – not a big issue, the game is still enjoyable. It’s just the early access and we hope, we don’t need to face them in the main game.

Source: PC Gamer

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