Battlefield Bad Company 3

Rumors are a great part of the video game industry. Whether or not they turn out real, people love discussing them. Very recently a rumour spread across the internet that said, “Battlefield Bad Company 3 would release in 2018”. Many news websites, communities, sites and forums started discussing it. Let us read how it all began.

The roots of the rumour was a video by a Battlefield YouTuber who goes by the username AlmightyDaq. The video contained several details about the rumoured Bad Company 3. A ‘mid and post-Vietnam conflict’ setting, character classes like Engineer, Support and Assault, war machines like tanks, helicopters and lot more.

Watch the video

Daq had leaked a bunch of details for Battlefield 1 in the past, that turned out to be accurate. This led people to think, that maybe, even this time around, the details are valid. A couple hours later, the video was picked up by major media sites, forums, communities and became an interesting topic for discussion. I thought to pick it up as well, but I calmly waited for proper information. (TBH, I was too lazy then)

Tom Phillips of Eurogamer contacted a few sources close to DICE (the developing studio) to clarify about the same. He was told, “an idea for Battlefield Bad Company 3 had existed, but was not in development”. But for further solidification of the information, Tom approached AlmightyDaq and was surprised to see our YouTuber backtracking on his video.

Daq said, “There are two games. I’m aware that DICE Sweden is WW2. That’s what my next video is about. The one I leaked is DICE LA”. DICE LA is the studio that worked on Medal of Honor. Their prime duty is to help the main DICE studio and release post-launch content. As teased, last night, Daq posted his new video. This video slightly confirms that DICE Sweden is developing a WW2 game now.

Here’s the new video

“At the same time, AlmightyDaq edited the title of Monday’s video to remove reference to Bad Company 3 being 2018’s Battlefield game.”

It’s an open secret, or fact, that DICE keeps several Battlefield YouTubers in the loop with their upcoming plans.  AlmightyDaq had some insider information as well. He might have heard ideas for Bad Company 3, which he confused with Battlefield’s 2018 game.

So that’s it. There won’t be any Bad Company 3 for now. However, we might see a World War II game coming up anytime soon. Make sure to subscribe to our push-notifications, and we’ll keep you updated with everything from the Battlefield diaries. Until next time, Happy Gaming!