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Battlefield 2042 has created history within Battlefield 2042. On November 19th, the upcoming chapter of the multiplayer shooter will be available for PC and consoles; allowing us to encounter the game’s first non-binary persona: Emma “Sundance” Rosier. The character will be a member of the game’s team of experts. DICE was pertaining to the character using the pronouns they/them, as highlighted by a Twitter user.

First Non-Binary Character

  • The pronouns they/them are affiliated with individuals who do not fit binary gender identities or someone who doesn’t define as male or female.
  • This was also in the Sundance biography in the DICE discussion (via Two Apples ). Gabytron5000 asked DICE if Sundance was a non-binary character, and EA Community Director Adam Freeman confirmed it.

Emma “Sundance” Rosier

Sundance is a playable character who is one of the ten specialists available in the game. Their gear includes a wingsuit, which allows you to glide through large phases to get closer to our targets, as well as a smart explosive that, once thrown, attacks opponent vehicles. Sundance was not included in the beta version, so it will be included in the final version along with those features that were also missing.

The absence of a campaign in Battlefield 2042 signifies that Sundance’s gender identification has no bearing on the game, as PC Gamer points out. In fact, except if they read these publications or find an article about it, few individuals are likely to be aware of this character detail.

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