Battlefield 2042 Swim In The Sky, Courtesy Of A Glitch

In a bizarre incident, a new bug has been quite entertaining and also enjoyable. A post made by u/AngryFlyingBears on Reddit shows that a group of players is swimming in the sky on the Kaleidoscope map!

Players were seen to be entering into the humongous pool just before they were lifted out of the same and joining air vehicles. Grazing up the sky and witnessing players floating and swimming in the sky is baffling, to say the least.

128 People discover new Exploit… presenting SKY-SWIMMING
byu/AngryFlyingBears inBattlefield

The root cause of this bizarre glitch continues to be unknown. The clip is in Battlefield Portal. This allows users to create unique matches with their own personal twists. In this case, it appears to be some type of Infection game mode. It’s likely that the problem is with Portal or the custom game mode, but it’s tough to determine for certain. In any case, it’s enough to raise an eyebrow, and the bug doesn’t help existing impressions of Battlefield 2042.

Patch and Updates

EA and DICE made promises of Battlefield 2042 upgrades for years now, with the second significant update arriving today. There is a huge list of concerns that need fixes as soon as possible. However, the second update will cross several major issues off the list.

The major enhancements are modifications to weapon balance, notably making assault rifles more flexible at longer ranges owing to bloom revisions. Fundamental aspects of the experience, like the new Specialist system, have been panned, with few good comments of the characters.

Despite the severe criticisms faced by this game, it is undeniable that the latest bug is extremely funny. For now one can only hope that Battlefield 2042’s upcoming update fixes all the issues pertaining to the game.

Battlefield 2042

  • Battlefield 2042’s launch has been known to be quite bumpy. While it is still attracting players to this game, the same game still receives widespread criticism.
  • On Steam and Metacritic platforms, Battlefield 2042’s ratings and reviews are very poor. There have been reports by many players about the issues that are persistent with this game like the frequently occurring problems with the bugs and the glitches from the majorly cited reasons for dislike towards this game.

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