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When the game originally came out, Battlefield Portal was its most thrilling feature. Fans of the series were overjoyed to revisit their favorite features of their favorite Battlefield games, and ideally, recreate those memorable moments from the past. Unfortunately, instead of building the fantastic modes that the mode and scripting engine allow for, a number of gamers decided to set up XP farming servers against bots.

XP Cap

  • The dev team has given clarification regarding the matter clarifying the implementation of the XP cap. There also haven’t been any modifications to Battlefield Portal’s Featured modes. The Battlefield 2042 development staff curates and manages these modes, and they include complete matchmaking.
  • Custom Experiences work in a slightly different way. Things change a tiny bit when you enter a user-created Zombies mode or a custom Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale.

  • Custom Experiences have a minute-by-minute XP cap, which means you’ll only earn XP up to a set minute-by-minute threshold. This shouldn’t affect you if you’re just playing for fun rather than for XP.
“It’s not fun, and farming servers prevent established communities from hosting fun events, and folks from running experiences that better reflect the experiences they want to have. They’re dull and exploitative, and we don’t want them.”
– Battlefield 2042 Dev Team

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