Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Possibly In Works

If you ask any Battlefield fan about their favorite Battlefield games, Bad Company 2 comes right behind 4 for many people. That’s because of the humor-filled thrilling gameplay with the iconic Rush-only, Conquest-only maps, and partly also because of the memories. To put it into context, this last entry in the Bad Company series was released in 2010. A total 9 years ago. Feel old yet?

If you had been waiting for a new title in the series, you might have a reason to get excited now.

A Redditor has apparently leaked a snap claiming to be from Bad Company 3.

“A redditor” is, obviously, not the best source for a credible leak. The snap could be from some other modern shooter too, but it’s the subtitles that make it more believable. That tone definitely somewhat resembles the light-hearted humorous one from Bad Company franchise.

Another user agreed that he had a friend working at EA assigned to the game, and claimed the game to be cross-gen.

What do you think about this leak? Will DICE be able to return to its roots after so long?

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